What is the benefit of working with Austin Vale Staffing?

Working with a staffing agency saves companies valuable time and money. By outsourcing IT talent, companies like yours can focus on growing the business rather than interviewing and selecting hires. There is less risk involved when using Austin Vale because we pre-screen employees and assure quality IT professionals. Working with Austin Vale allows companies flexibility. If seasonal employees are needed to support an influx of business or temporary employees are needed to support a large project, working with us is a smart investment.

Why should we work with Austin Vale over any other staffing firm? 

That’s easy. Focused Expertise. We understand the issues and challenges facing our clients and the technology community. This singular focus enables us to attract and retain top professionals who want to work with an organization that speaks their language and values their expertise. Similarly, companies turn to Austin Vale because when it comes to specialized technology professionals, you need a firm that truly understands what you need.

How quickly does Austin Vale work to fill client requests?

Immediately. We pride ourselves in our dedicated employee search and placement techniques that help us quickly pinpoint candidates with the skills needed to make an immediate contribution to your organization. Our Search Executives pay attention to the needs of both candidate and client by utilizing a targeted recruiting approach that takes the same careful considerations favored by premier executive search firms.

Who pays the Contractors?

Austin Vale pays all contractors for the hours they work.

What if I am happy with the contractor and I want to hire them full time?

That’s great news! We understand how how it is to find the perfect, qualified employee to join your team. Our contract-to-hire service allows clients to hire professionals on a "try before you buy" basis. With this option candidates work for a specified period of time on our payroll and allows clients to directly assess their work performance prior to hire.

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